Maritime Insurance

If your company does any kind of work on or near the water, you are required by law to obtain longshoreman’s insurance from a licensed marine insurance provider. Standard Workman’s Compensation will not cover your employees should an accident occur. Protect your employees with Coast to Coast’s longshoreman’s insurance, Florida’s trusted maritime insurance provider.

Coast to Coast Marine Insurance Policies and Services

  • Commercial Boat Workers Liability Insurance
  • Liability Insurance for Marine Contractors
  • Marina Liability Insurance
  • Insurance for Shipbuilders and Manufacturers
  • Tug Boat Workers Insurance
  • Tank and Barge Cleaning Insurance
  • Ship and Boat Repairmen Insurance
  • Offshore Oil Rig Insurance
  • Waterfront Facility Workers
  • Diving Contractors Insurance
  • Stevedore Insurance Coverage
  • And More!

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